Fans Tell Francesa 'Quiet Down'--WFAN's Ratings Fall Again...Here Comes WEPN

Here are the latest Arbitron AVG WK Cume results for November 2008 (Oct. 16 - Nov. 12): WFAN falls for the 3rd consecutive month.

Wfan dropped from 1,756,200 in October to 1,660,800 in November.

Wfan's share, which was 2.9 in July while Dog was still around and which dropped to 2.7 in September sans the Mets and the Dog dropped to 2.4 during November. Anyone who has listened to the puke spilled by Francesa the past week knows why. One cannot listen to the Emperor for longer than 20 minutes. You really can't. Unless you like hearing proclamations of what the law is and what it is not that change every few minutes.

But the most interesting rating of note is WEPN-AM 1050. WEPN, which has done a much better job accurately covering the Plaxico Burress situation, has moved within striking distance of WFAN. WEPN's share has steadily climbed from 0.8 to 0.9 to 1.1 while its cume from September through November has moved from 740,300 to 1,048,800. WEPN has cut WFAN's lead over it nearly in half in just 3 months. Wfan's lead in September was 1.1 million. It was 600k in November...Fans getting tired of Mike's tirades?

Now he's resorting to 'guests' in an attempt to prop up ratings. Starting with the king of NY...Lawrence Taylor. Smell that? And obviously - given the kitchen wallpaper - Francesa's wife rules the roost.

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