Rehab for a Torn Hip Labrum is Worthless, So Why is Arod Doing That?

Rehab for a torn labrum is basically useless - you wonder why Boras is waiting...?

"Owing to the complexity of the operation and possible diversity of diagnosis, surgeons often advise a period of conservative treatment before surgical intervention is considered. Poor vascularity means that conservative treatments will normally fail to improve symptoms if the diagnosis of a labrum tear is accurate. Therefore it can be concluded that, even in recreational athletes who are experiencing symptoms of a torn labrum, surgery is the only effective management available."

And this is what steroids do - the break the body down prematurely - when used to excess. Arod is 33 and he is looking like a 60 year old with these injuries. I am no stranger to it - at 38 I've had somewhere near 10 surgeries - the last two were a shoulder and an elbow. Yes, of course, the shoulder's labrum was torn...

Joel Sherman of the NY Post has a great article today...Joined at the Hip.

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