WFAN's Bracket Boss 2009 - Sexist

Bob Mantz reports that WFAN's 'Personalities' page lists 40 personalities. 35 men, 5 women. (And one of the men is Chris Carlin who is no longer a WFAN personality.) A 7-1 ratio.

OK, we won't debate the definition of the word personality, but of the 39 listed - the Blitz spots at least 12 folks that we've never even heard of. But we digress.

The FAN has something it calls, 'Bracket Boss Challenge 2009', 20 of its personalities make their picks for March Madness. Fans are supposed to pick the personality that they feel will pick the most correct winners. "If you select the correct personality then you could have a have a chance to win the a big screen TV." ('The a big screen TV' is their current phrasing...not ours.)

Based on the ratio above - one would expect approximately 3 of the female personalities to be involved, right? Nope. One. Lori Rubinson. (No offense but Lori is one of the crew that the Blitz has never heard of.) Her bio lists her as 'an avid fantasy football and baseball aficionado' - perfect choice for the NCAA picks contest.

Where is Tracy Burgess, Mia Harris, or Ann Liguori? Nowhere to be found in the FAN's Boss Challenge. Maybe WFAN needs to create a Bracket Broads Challenge in order for the ladies to get a fair shake.

The Blitz thinks the ladies would add a much more diverse group of choices in this contest. Come on WFAN - get with the times. Give them a call and complain, 718-937-6666. Double kudos of you get on the air with a NCAA question and then get this info on-air. Saying Bobs Blitz Dot Com on-air? Forget about it. You'll join Bob Glauber in our Hall of Fame.

And only one black guy picking?

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