Video - Artie Lange on Joe Buck Live + Howard Stern Talks Artie w/ Chris Russo

We learned on Joe Buck Live that Train Wreck Artie Lange hates the Cowboys. Claims to be a well known homophobic. Artie tells the crowd that as a Giants fan having the Cowboys have a QB whose name rhymes with Homo is a white trash dream come true...Artie was a dream come true for Buck's white bread show as Artie Lange did exactly what you invite Artie Lange on stage to do.

The folks who write that 'Artie crossed the line,' or 'hijacked the debut of Joe Buck's new HBO show,' (hijack seems to be the most overused word) are the same people who thought that Eminem & Bruno was real.

NSWF language. (For a fuller review of the show - we also were too tired to write one up - see Awful A)

Artie Lange Joe Buck Overtime by bobsblitz


  1. G8RB86:39 PM


  2. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Artie Lange rules

  3. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Best thing to happen to Joe Buck's Career.

  4. "Best thing to happen to Joe Buck's Career."

    Without this - show dies a quick death. MSM misses the point completely here. Another Andy Kauffman type miss by them...

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Artie is a jerk off. Hope he die using crack.

  6. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Wow. Artie is a fat pig put he sure handed it to the astute Joe Buck. Ouch!

  7. Anonymous11:12 PM

    What's the over/under on Artie being homeless once the Howard Stern show is over?

  8. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Artie Lang is a pathetic waste of life that isn't funny and is clearly on borrowed time.

  9. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Artie Lange is not funny at all holy crap. Jason was hilarious and everything about Artie's pathetic career he said was true. Way to represent KC boys.

  10. TokyoBabaBooey6:21 AM

    Artie was the life of an otherwise dull party. Will Joe Buck be back for Episode 2?

  11. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Artie made the show.

  12. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Artie rules!! Way to slam on the Dallas crackwagon..

  13. Anonymous1:43 PM

    HBO is stupid!

  14. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Artie Lange is a dimwit. If he was half as funny as he thinks he is than he might be a little funny. Fat and stupid is no way to go through life you Belushi wanna be.

  15. Anonymous5:59 PM

    if anything it's joe fault for being a lousy host.. from the beginning joe didn't give any effort to ask a qestion, give an opinion, or anything he pretty much gave the show to artie and said "sink or swim, i got nothing".

  16. Anonymous7:07 PM

    artie couldnt even get the name to his own death watch site right....ugh

  17. joe buck is a tool. lighten up man... you're on HBO and this is comedy (not very good, but comedy nonetheless). don't be such a crybaby. sheesh!

  18. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Best thing that could have happened to the show. Artie was funny, blame the wack ass host.

  19. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I was completely unaware of Joe's show until this... Artie shot about 60% from the floor, which is pretty good-- so if Joe's show survives, he should at least send Artie a fruit bowl w/ cheeses.

  20. samoanjigga8:14 PM

    I'm a fann of the Howard Stern show an Artie is a man, not like all these plitical correct p***ies now a days.This is how men talk in the real world away from women and kids. HBO shows nudity, cursing, drug refernces and so on. If they cant handle how guys want to speak on sports they should stick to Sport Docs. Thrilla in Manila was great. People are tired of the same old sports news and I enjoyed the show becauseof Artie. Joe was boring, and he's a fan of Artie and he should have been a man and stood up and calmed him down. Instead he sat there like an ass and allowed his show to be "HI-JACKED". Good for Artie. Put Jimmy Kimmel, Artie Lange, and Adam Carolla on HBO and let them talk about sports how men do. HBO sports need to get a grip. Joe's show wont last because he's not his father. He suck. Good job Artie, huge fan now.

  21. Anonymous8:35 PM

    i dont see the big deal, artie was talking how guys talk. if you disagree then your a phony like Buck and HBO

  22. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Fuck Joe Buck and his robotic style. Artie Lange rule roasted the host...Stern style. Baba Booey!

  23. Anonymous12:52 AM

    I wonder if Artie will ever appear on Conan or Dave after this anti-gay hate rhetoric. Stern and Lange have gone the way of pay satellite radio which almost nobody has. Like boxing, a sport that has basically died, Lange's future limited exposure will end his career, thus increasing his odds on these websites predicting his demise. I think Artie is a funny guy, but I think if he wants to have a future career, an apology will probably have to be given at sometime in the future. But in the end, it may not even matter...

  24. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Love Artie and what he said was all a big joke. People get over yourselves it was as unexpected as the Bruno v Eminem debacle a few weeks ago. Live life on the wild side and laugh a little. Also check Artie out on Adam Corolla's podcast on Tuesday of this week (I think) hilarious stuff...

  25. Anonymous1:37 AM


  26. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Artie Lange is a douche, knows he's a douche, and doesn't care because he makes his money being a douche. That said, it was so satisfying to see Joe Buck taken down a peg. And Buck just laid there and took it because he's an enormous tool. Artie Lange FTW.

  27. to Howard Stern Show:

    You are playing all other people 911 calls and make fun or discuss their situation.
    I understand why you are not playing Artie's mom 911 call and it only makes sense.
    I wouldn't play it either if I would be you.
    However, that still make you a hypocrite.
    Sorry man.

    I'm reading on the internet and I'm tired of hearing what is the reason. There are many reasons.

    Why Artie Lange tried to commit suicide?

    - His break up with Dana.

    - His failure as an actor/producer in the movie business (in his vision).

    - The depression caused by various drugs.

    -. Suffering from undiagnosed/under-treated bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

    - His extraordinary fascination with Hunter S. Thompson.

    - The disappointment in the relationship with the new girlfriend.

    - The lost of his father.

    I'm not a fan of Artie that much but when I found out how he tried to commit suicide I had tears in my eyes.
    I love you guys, I love the show with Artie in it and please make sure Howard, he gets professional help, because he will try again.

    "Suicide risk is highest in depressed individuals who feel hopeless about the future, those who have just been discharged from the hospital, those who have a family history of suicide and those who have made a suicide attempt in the past."

    Now that was easy. The main question is how to fix Artie?

    Put yourself in his pants, choose your method of suicide and try to imagine what it would take for you to gain the ability to perform such an incredible loss of human preservation act, and you will find the answer.

    By Anonymous Howard Stern, At 11:36 PM


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