Winch Run Over by 4,000lb Lawn Roller Driven by Rugby Team

Emma Winch was camping in a tent at Aberaeron Rugby Club where she was going to play with her team, the Pontyclun Falcons, in the Aberaeron Festival of Sevens rugby tournament.

The Merthyr Tydfil under-19s youth team apparently got drunk, jumped into a 4,000lb, 5ft-wide, cast-iron lawn roller and rolled over Winch's tent.

Police arrested 21 members of Merthyr Tydfil. Event organizers also suspended the team.

Winch said, "I heard it coming. There was like a lot of banging and then I heard people laughing. I stopped the roller with my head. My face was numb so I couldn't feel much. I have had a lucky escape."

Hey, she looks better than Danica Patrick Nude.

Steven Segal's new realty show is simple awesomeness.

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