Rhode Island Girls Soccer Brawl & Riot - Video

Elizabeth Lambert who? Players from Rhode Island's Woonsocket & Tolman girls HS soccer teams received suspensions for their role in the fight that marred the end of the MetLife Soccer Classic Girls Division IV Championship on Nov. 8 at Rhode Island College.

The fight broke out at the end of Woonsocket’s 5-0 victory for the Division IV championship. Two girls bumped, one started pushing, and then the other landed a nice overhand right. Of course, they then pulled hair.

Other players did a good job of breaking up the gang bang but, subsequently - fights broke out in the stands.

Not 100% sure what the girl in burgundy says at the .40 mark. It ends with 'cut the shit' and the intro sounds worse.

AP reports that the Rhode Island Interscholastic League has suspended nine members of the two high school girls' soccer teams for a range of 2 games to two years. Coaches from both teams also received sanctions.

Watch the vid again - do you spot 9 that deserved suspensions?

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