Video - Batter Chases Pitcher with Bat in Cuban League

Cue Benny Hill music. From the vlogger via babel: Fight in the stage Strike of Sancti Spiritus….Receiving Lisban Strap of Industrialists and Soda to pitcher Spirituano… that became a fight between the equipment and Industrial the Spirituana police… the video was taken from the launching slips by a fan…

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Pelea en el estadio Huelga de Sancti Spiritus....Lisban Correa receptor de Industriales y Sosa pitcher Spirituano...que se convirtió en una pelea entre el equipo Industriales y la policía Spirituana...El video fue tomado desde las gradas por un aficionado...


  1. This one is good but let us not forget the memorable Jose Offerman teaching us all how to rush the mound. (1) Kick the catcher in the chops (2) attack the mound. This guy looked like Joe Pesci in Casino looking to collect his vig.

  2. Anonymous6:08 PM

    At least he didn't pull a Richie Sexson and throw his helmet to distract the pitcher before trying to land a sucker punch.

  3. The helmet distraction throw is similar to the toss one hockey glove that Ken Baumgartner used once vs. Ty Domi. That's a good move.


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