Chris Berman's 'Computer Babe' Leaves 790 the Ticket for MLB

Dana Strokovsky once wrote about ESPN's Chris Berman, "Runner up with Chris Berman giving me a nickname when I was sitting in the lobby writing on my computer the first night in Phoenix at about 2 am. He walks in alone, pauses, sees me across the lobby and says, "Computer babe." And continues on to the elevator."

Strokovsky is leaving 790 the Ticket (Sid Rosenberg's dusty place) for

From: Marc Hochman
ReplyTo: XXX
Subject: Big Congrats
Sent: Jun 24, 2010 12:43 PM

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Dana Strokovsky is
leaving the radio station, and she has accepted a job with
Much like she did here, Dana will be doing writinig and feature
reporting for and I'm certain she's going to excel at it.
Dana did great work for us over the years with her sportsflashes,
blogs, and video blogs, and she will definitely be missed. Please
join me in thanking Dana for her dedication to the station, and wish
her well in her new job with!

She was also Co-Host for the Dodge High School Sports report, a magazine show focusing on High School athletes in the state of Florida, and hosted Board Up Miami wakeboard show. Whatever that is.

We look forward to more and more of her writinig. Because this is just awesome.

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