The One Where Blogger Buzz Bissinger Pumps his Wheels & Lies

Back in May - we called Buzz Bissinger a douche juice because his website takes the unique approach of stating out loud that he's a Highly Acclaimed Author. "Only a self-absorbed douchejuice like Bissinger would code his website to read Buzz Bissinger's Official Website 'Highly Acclaimed Author'" is exactly what we wrote.

And then Buzz fell in love with the term. So we thanked him. "*Update - we really appreciate Buzz' incorporation of the term douchejuice into his vernacular from someone, like us, who cannot write. THX."

In next week's edition of The New Republic the now self-described "mini-blogger" writes about his Twitter habits. And of course his Napolean ego is right there in the title, How the hell did I—a Pulitzer Prize winner, for chrissakes!—fall in love with Twitter? Got that? He won a Pulitzer. He also incorrectly restates history:

I also began to routinely apply the term “douche juice” to those I felt were sub-troglodytes. It has become my tweeting imprimatur and many Twitterites congratulated me on coining the phrase. I did not. But fuck it. The person I appropriated it from had even fewer followers than I did, implying of course a very empty and unsuccessful life.

Fuck it. If he had written that we had more followers than he did at the time and that that implied, of course, a very empty and unsuccessful life, that would have been funny. No, instead the truth was twisted. At the time we had 1200 followers. He had something like 300. But he couldn't write it that way. He now as 5000+ followers.

And why is Republic categorizing his Twitter habits as Politics? Politics?! Stop trying to lasso the wind before you turn out like Glass did.

We are very proud of your high # of Twitter followers, however. We really are. And we know, hitherto, you've been successful.

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