Phil Mushnick on Jay Glazer: Journalism Occurs Strictly by Accident These Days

The New York Times' sports media watchdog Richard Sandomir recently took a look at Jay Glazer's MMA training operations:

Glazer’s arrangement is unusual, at best, and raises questions about how he balances his competing interests. While some N.F.L. reporters and sportscasters cover the sport for more than one news media outlet, Glazer reports on some of the same players and teams who pay him for his training expertise.

Bob Steele of the Poynter Institute raised, perhaps, the most important point:

You can only scrutinize what he reports. But you can’t scrutinize what he does not report, so we don’t know what he didn’t ask an athlete.

And Jeff Pearlman took it to the mat:

This, journalistically, is a joke. An embarrassing, pathetic, worst-of-its-kind joke.

We asked the NY Post's Phil Mushnick if he thought Glazer's arrangement was a conflict. And he choked him out:

"Of course it is (a conflict). They know it, I mean it's a per se conflict but that stuff's over. That stuff's long gone. Journalism occurs strictly by accident these days. You serve the corporation these days."

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