Susan Shan Has Problem with Jenn Sterger's Blogging, Bukkake - Seeks Discharge

Jennifer Sterger (above with Mike McCormack (Manager, Foleys) & ESPNs Jay Williams) tweeted, After viewing a certain woman’s red carpet pics, I know what happens next @ It’s called a bukkake. Jeebus. Her stylist is fired.

But Danica Patrick's stylist was not fired. Instead - her bukkakelike look lead to others sporting the same style locks.

Seems Jenn's tweet didn't sit well with the 'Asian Sensation' - Susan Shan. Shan penned, Jenn Sterger: A Disgrace to Women Monday.

In it, Shan chastises Sterger the blogger's spelling and, before calling for Jenn to be sacked for the bukkake blast, adds: "She [Sterger] also compares herself to Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts before ending with, “I’m Jenn effin Sterger.” This is some high praise for a girl who has done nothing notable in her “career” besides appearing in Playboy and Maxim, something I’m sure her parents are proud of."

Nothing notable. Leaving out Sports Illustrated and the Broadway Bombshell's little Jets gig. But then SS wants JS fired from another little thing called The Daily Line on Versus. Not sure co-hosting a daily talk show is all that small.

The post escaped our notice, however, until something called Women Talk Sports tweeted: She was just annoying until the tweet about Danica...atrocious RT @Susan_Shan: Jenn Sterger: A Disgrace to Women

Ah, the same site currently featuring posts with titles like WNBA players starstruck by Halle Berry at Sparks game and Mark Wahlberg has his Tightie Whities in a addition to an ad for Filipina Dating and Singles.

Lighten up, Francine. (And read Jenn's post. She only refers to the persona of Julia Roberts & Angelina Jolie. Never says she is just like them in stature.)

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