Angels Promotion 'Make it to Third Base'? Yeah, He doesn't. He Breaks his Arm.

From the vlogger, 11 year old Platinum All American little scholar Beecher Halladay was chosen for the fan promotion, "steal third base" at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on July 30th. He slipped on the dirt in his first few steps and fell on his left arm. You can see his elbow bend the wrong way as he dislocates his elbow and breaks his humerus (upper arm). He gets up immediately and runs for third base but is stopped there. He ended up in the ER and had surgery to put three pins in his elbow.

Teach all you MLB pussies a lesson. DL? Beecher doesn't know the meaning of DL.

Unfortunately? Yeah, he was out at 3rd. But why were the girls around him warming up and stretching their arms? Did they know something was going to happen to...Beecher?

 Could be worse. Could wind up with a hematoma following elbow the boss did. On a Friday night... Follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Subscribe, or Return to Bobs

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