Westhoff or Ryan: Who the F#uck Curses More on Hard Knocks?

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan (above) heard some criticisms from douche juices like Tony Dungy following the airing of HBO Sports first espisode of Hard Knocks.

Today, WFAN's douche juice fat fucking king, Mike Francesa, defended Jets special team's coach Mike Westhoff's cursing in episode 3 to a caller as nowhere near the level of Ryan's potty mouth in the premiere.

So we had one of our interns tally them up. Place your bets (not really - it's an unofficial tally and should not be used for wagering).

Rex Ryan - Hard Knocks 1:

Fucks: 10
Son-of-a-bitches: 1
God Damns: 2
Shits: 8
Asses: 3

Total: 24

Mike Westhoff - Hard Knocks 3:

Fucks: 9
Shits: 3
Asses: 3
Pissed Offs: 2
Bull Shits: 2
Balls: 1

Plus 1 Freakin' Pizza Stand

Total: 21

So the final tally is Rex 24, Mike 21.

But we think that Freakin' Pizza Stand is sorta like hitting a FG as the clock hits 0:00 (and Rex gets much more face time so the ratio of fuck to on-air time is actually much smaller than Mike's is) so your winner is...

Anyone with some free time want to run through all 3 episodes of Hard Knocks Jets? Freakin' go for it.

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