Jelisa Castrodale Latest Pitbull Sicked on Jennifer Sterger by NBC

First Mike Florio and now Jelisa Castrodale (above). NBC has it out for Jenn Sterger for some reason.

Jelisa's piece, Sterger a Hot Topic For Strange Reasons, is one of those "she's gotten everything she has because she's beautiful" things. A whiny, been there, seen this article that you see every single time a pretty woman is in the news. (Except for when the woman in question is Ines Sainz and the writer is Jelisa Castrodale...more on that later)

But Castrodale's Sterger attack is a bit different. Why? Because she uses A) A lie B) An omission to paint an unflattering picture and C) A complete 180 from what she wrote just one month ago in order to collect a paycheck.

The Lie:

Because of Sterger’s mach-something rise to celebrity, she sometimes approaches her career with a sense of entitlement. She has it but hasn’t earned it, like Tommy Callahan swapping college for an executive spot at Callahan Auto Parts. “People compare me and say, well, she’s no Erin Andrews,” Sterger once said on The Killer B's ESPN (Tampa) radio show. “I’m like, well, who’s No. 1 on the computer? Suck it.”

Yeah, that'd be interesting and crude. Except it never happened. And you know that Jelisa knows that because she quoted from our article, Jennifer Sterger & Bob Mantz: The Complete 'Broadway Bombshell' Interview. OK, so maybe she didn't read the whole thing. So we emailed her:


FYI: "Sterger once said on The Killer B's ESPN (Tampa) radio show. 'I’m like, well, who’s No. 1 on the computer? Suck it.'"

What she did say when asked to compare herself to Erin was actually much more 'humble.' She said, #1, I'm on the computer [ie, she's 'only' an internet sensation while EA is a big time TV star]. She was then going to say 'Second' but was cut off.

We have the excerpt with an audio clip.

No correction has been issued.

The omission:

No one compares Sterger to Andrews, not unless they were making a list of women who may have pulled a high heel out of the soft sideline grass. Or maybe they just named women, or people with a pair of working corneas or carbon-based life forms. Andrews was a telecommunications major at the University of Florida who started with FSN Florida and the Sunshine Network, spending several years earning the ESPN logo on her microphone; Sterger's most sincere attempt at professionalism was having her implants removed.

What's missing? Can you spot it? Jelisa is betting that you cannot. Yeah, that's correct. Jenn graduated with a double major in Psychology and Criminology. Selective editing you've got there NBC.

The Flip-Flop:

One month ago, almost to the day, JC wrote about Ines Sainz. The article is 100% the complete opposite opinion that she offered in the Sterger attack:

Disturbingly, the most frequently cited justification for the Jets' behavior is that Sainz 'deserved' whatever comments or catcalls that were launched in her direction, both because she is an attractive woman and because she chose to wear something that fit more snugly than a shower curtain.

The 'she's askin' fer it' excuse has been a longtime favorite of COPS co-stars, domestic court defendants and frat guys on the wrong side of the honor code. These men have to be borderline brain-dead to believe that just because a woman is wearing something slightly more provocative than the Hester Prynne fall catalog that they're welcome to hit on her, humiliate her or display other forms of asshattery.

Wait, what? But that, you just said, oh nevermind.

"Jelisa "J-Money" Castrodale is a freelance writer and stand-up comic who is both good at Jeopardy! and annoying to have at parties. She lives in the American South with an enamel-eroding Diet Coke habit and a dog named for a member of the Grateful Dead."

NBC thought it a good idea to pay a stand-up comic to write about sexual harassment? Brilliant. They got exactly what they should have expected - an incongruent series of articles that use lies and misdirection to get the point of the day across. And we checked the YouTubes...there ain't one video of Jelisa Castrodale doing stand-up.

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  1. Jelissa is hilarious. you, on the other hand, have that certain writing style that inspires me to shake babies.

  2. Baby shaking is our aim. If we knew who you were - we'd add your quote to our press page.


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