Joe Buck & Mets Utility Guy Fernando Tatis in Gay Affair: The Young Turks [Video]

The Young Turks bills itself as "the largest online news show in the world, covering news, politics, pop culture and lifestyle." One would think that for the 'largest online news show' to break a story that includes charges that Joe Buck is gay and having an affair with NY Mets utility player Fernando Tatis that they'd bump up the production budget.

But, alas, they did not.

TYT's proof:

A) Jacki Bray says it is common knowledge in St. Louis and that Joe is getting a divorce.

B) 'Everybody' is claiming that he's dating Tatis.

C) Bray stumbles all over herself 'reporting' that Buck called Tom Brady 'dreamy' adding that Tony Gonzalez is a very good looking guy. (He is, isn't he?)

D) Bray then pulls some Joe Buck Live clip with Artie Lange where she claims he (Buck) 'says some very interesting comments.'

Wow. Bray may be in line for the worst performance by a, uh, speaker(?) on YouTube. Certainly going to be in line for a slander lawsuit if Joe isn't gay.

And as for her asking Joe's wife Ann to give her a call? Yeah, wouldn't hold your breath on that.

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