New Meadowlands? Sucks - We Told You

Re-running out May 27th review of the New Giants Stadium. From the wind, bathrooms, security and getting to and from your sucks. (And that's not the only reason Mantz dropped his 2 Jets seats. That was because the seats went from $105 per to $500 per with 14k PSLs attached to each.)

(Going to post some pics of the New Meadowlands in successive order, Inside the stadium photos will be up shortly) We headed to the New Meadowlands last night for Bon Jovi's christening. We were late getting to our limo so we were dropped off and headed in. Did not get to examine parking and traffic patterns.

We were in sec 114, row 12. The good? The seats are comfortable. If you are sitting in the one hundred level for football - you will be very close to the field. Right on top of it.

The bad? Pretty much everything else. The sections were not well marked. Not all individual sections had their numbers clearly marked. Quite a few people were unsure of where they were sitting.

Yesterday's concert was the worst sounding Bon Jovi concert I've been to. (Though folks say the sound was worse when they were with Nickleback at Giants Stadium last time) In other words, I disagree completely with the NY Post's Dan Aquilante when he writes, "There was enthusiasm in the seats and on the stage at nearly every turn in the two-hour-plus show..." The acoustics just didn't work. There was no flow. Have never seen people sitting during a Bon Jovi event. There were plenty sitting at times last night. The poor sound and the songlist containing a lot of new stuff helped. Have reports from 2nd level and upper bowl that the 'sound sucked' up there as well. Makes you wonder how the J-E-T-S chant will sound despite literally being right on the sidelines. (Sound completely going dead during Runaway was a fun opening day glitch)

Bathrooms around the 114 sections were few. Ladies complained that the nearest women's room had only 8 stalls. Upper bowl reported larger bathrooms with scattered smaller ones up there as well. Elbow room? Little. Winds? Whipping.

The beer concession outside 114 was awful. Taps were set up island style. As you waited on line on the side nearest the field you could see beer bottles but when you finally got to the register? Nope, beer bottles are only sold on the other side of the island. What? They're right behind you! Nope, had to go around and get back on line if you wanted the bottle.

We didn't do any walking around due to time constraints so I can't tell you what the rest of the concessions where like.

Very interesting was this report from SF who was 8 rows from the top in the upper bowl: "you rocked up there - not rocking out - but the floor moved - a bit scary - never go up high like that again....." And that was with a not electric crowd...

SF added, "Sound sucked - girls next to us got into a HUGE fist fight... kicking in the face!!!! CRAZY" There was also a chick fight on the floor where NJ State Troopers were needed. Sorry, no video.

Sorry, not enough improvements were evident (and enough things we didn't like were evident) for the day-to-day fan to justify trashing Giants Stadium and building this for $1.6 billion dollars. Actually made this scene sad:

And then on top of the $1.6b, Bloomberg reports:

The New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority spent almost $1 million to lock up season tickets for the New York Giants and Jets, seats that will be used by VIPs including elected officials. The state agency secured 142 season passes in the National Football League teams' new $1.6 billion stadium in East Rutherford by paying an $854,000 one-time license fee and $221,600 for actual tickets to 20 games set for 2010. The agency also paid $275,000 for a luxury suite. The costs were provided in response to a public records request by Bloomberg News.


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