Paul Lebowitz Describes the Ascent of the NY Mets, Fall of WFAN's Mike Francesa

The New York Yankees may get Cliff Lee. Hell, 7 years? Hope they get him - they'll have their own Old Timer's Team in 2 years anyway.

But we digress. Mike "I'm going to the Knicks / Heat poor fucks will be picking up a pizza to watch at home with your unemployed parents" Francesa, yesterday on WFAN's Mike'd Up, showed exactly how out of touch he is and exactly how badly he wants his listeners to believe that he is not out of touch. Mike stated that he is confident that the Cliff Lee will not turn down the Yankees. He'd be shocked if he they didn't sign him.

He was saying what any sports fan could say/think/write. But, at the very same moment, ESPN's Buster Olney was telling WEPN's Michael Kay that the Yankees brass had very little confidence that this was a done deal. Minutes later, adverb hating Brian Cashman said, "I don't feel confident, pessimistic, etc."

But Mike does.

Paul Lebowitz has taken the task of further exposing Francesa while clearly explaining why he's in that downward spiral.

"When Mike Francesa talks about the Mets, you can almost hear the desperation and crestfallen tone in his voice as he comes to grips with a management team that won't kowtow to him, nor be affected in any way by his rabble-rousing and bullying."

Now you can add the Mets to the list of teams/people outside Francesa's circle of influence that includes the Jets, any ESPN staffer, Bill Parcels, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre and Jenny Sanford.

Go read the Prince of New York Baseball Blog's These Mets Won't Be Bullied

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