Why the NY Post's Phil Mushnick Despises Mike Francesa [Video]

We despise WFAN's Mike Francesa because he's a bully. And, apparently quite stupid too. He doesn't understand that today's article by Phil Mushnick in the Post that states: "Slightly delusional, Francesa began to fancy himself the Jets general manager.....or GM in waiting.....even parading about in a Jets team jacket. While I didn't notice whether "Staff" was embroidered on the front, so much for those stern, on-air lectures about fundamental journalism he delivers to the serfs at WFAN."

It is tongue-in-cheek. Jeeze.

Mike interviews many GMs on his show (just not Mike Tannenbaum) and he tells them exactly what they should be doing. Mike Francesa is the de facto NY Sports general manager...in his mind.

Anyway, back to Mushnick & Francesa. Phil told Bob Mantz, Jr. last June: "'Dude, Francesa and I used to be tight. He'd even admit - or at least he used to - that my columns were what landed him his own show on FAN. No fooling. You can look it up! Then he began - or tried - to use me.' And that's where they split."

And that led to Phil taking that huge swing Francesa, "Don't Fuck with my integrity."

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On a side note, Mushnick also wrote: "CBS' Jim Nantz, among the most gentlemanly and cautious sportscasters, had the audacity Sunday to speak a truth: Shonn Greene's late-game TD "celebration" was an "absurdity" that ran counterproductive to the team's goals. For this, Nantz was identified and bashed as anti-fun and anti-Jets. Nantz is no more anti-anything than the official who correctly flagged Greene for "excessive celebration," which wasn't a natural celebration, at all, but a skit, an act of predetermined showboating and taunting."

Nope, Jim is not anti-Jets. He's simply anti-old wives.

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  1. Doc24 from Yonkers8:50 PM

    The save is the most useless stat in any sport.The 3run save is a joke.The official scorer should determine if a 2 run is good.Especially when a rp comes in a 1or2 game with no one on base and he gives up 2 or 3 hits ,a walk or two and the fielders bail him out with a great play.Who is more important?Starters who go 8 or a closer who goes 1 and throws15 pitches My grandmother could be a closer. Hey Mariano let us see you go 9 and 120 pitches!


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