Most, if not all, of the Fights from Islanders / Penguins Last Night [Video]

Earlier this month, Pittsburgh Penguin goalie Brent Johnson broke NY Islander Rick DiPietro's face in a fight. Reader ISLANDER505 points out Maxine Talbot's cross ice cheap shot body slam on Blake Comeau also occured in that game...

The "payback" (last night) was for Maxine Talbot's cross ice cheap shot body slam on Blake Comeau from the last game. Moreso than DP getting his clock cleaned by Johnson (it was a fair fight). Talbot was a target the entire game, evidenced by 3 different Islanders engaging him on 3 separate occasions.

Last night? The Penguins received payback on the Island in the form of a 9-3 thrashing that included 15 fighting majors and any number of game misconduct penalties. Below are most of them.

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The New York Islanders crapped all over the Pittsburgh Penguins last night. And then the Blitz phone scammed DiPietro's eventual rest home.

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  1. Islander5053:19 PM

    "Okay Haley, you wanna start trouble, I'll finish it for ya".
    Whoops....Nice Call Steigerwald.


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