Model Dani Bolina Pranked with Help from Playboy Covergirl Juliana Salimeni [Video]

27-year-old model Dani Bolina (above) and World Playboy covergirl Juliana Salimeni (who was named "Sexiest Woman in the World" by VIP magazine in 2010) both star on the Brazilian show Panic on TV. (Sabrina Sato once famously interviewed Justin Bieber in a Boob Popping, Non-Existent Dress Wearing, Friggin' Bizarre Bieber Interview) The show pranked Bolina on a recent trip to the beach.

The prank starts off with fans continuously approaching the bubble butted thong wearers...asking Bolina if she could take a picture of them with Juli. And then? The girls go for a swim...(we're sure you can hang in there for the full 3)

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