Jenn Sterger Hung in there with Craig Carton's Charms [Audio]

Jenn Sterger was brought in before Craig Carton today on the Boomer & Carton show. We wrote last Sunday: Friday 6/10, 8am: Jenn Sterger versus Boomer & a heads up. Jennifer was going to be, literally, a sitting target (in our opinion) if she went on. It wasn't going to be an interview. It was going to be an attack. Craig had called Jenn all kinds of things during the whole Brett Favre saga. None of them good. (And you just know he likes to talk about men's junk and balls.) He was going to be very hard on her.

Then, about 6:20am, CC (pic above via Matthew Funtime) dropped this promo for the visit and confirmed all expectations: The 'skank' was in at 8.

Not much reason to really further describe how much CC bashed her (he spent the first 30 mins basically saying she is nothing but a pretty face and almost deserved to just take the sexual harassment from Brett). Boomer played good cop - despite calling her an extortionist last year - he told her that family was the place to turn and that dads are always there for their daughters, unconditionally.

Many do not think JS was a 'victim' in the Favre scandal (and even she says that she was not): “I’ve never sat there and pretended to be a victim,” she said. “If I wanted to blow this up I’d have blown it up two years ago … when I could have used the money because the economy had taken a giant crap.” She was a victim today.

Hidden between the name calling and preying, we did find out that Jenn blames Deadspin for the entire mess ever becoming public. “I don’t remember exactly how it came up,” Sterger told B&C. “We [Jenn and Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio] somehow got into the subject of people who send lewd photographs. I was just talking to a co-worker as far as I was concerned. I confided in him and he blew that up.”

“I was told to be quiet, I was told to not say anything [about Favre's sexts]....I was doing what I was told to do and I was a scared girl,” Sterger said. “The people that I spoke with all advised me that if I was not cordial with him, meaning not flirtatious, just cordial with him, I would lose my job, I would be blackballed from the industry.”

After sticking out the tough 1/2 hour, Jenn concluded: “Hopefully, like I said, grown men can stop talking about other grown men’s junk.”

Felt like a cleansing. An interview that would have really helped clear the air if it had been done back in October, 2010. There is nothing left to ask the young lady. Ding dong, the story is dead. Nothing to see here, move along. ("No comment" out of Jenn's camp. No return email from WFAN.)

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Ed Note: Do you know what was done here? CC parodied, perfectly, every assinine anonymous internet commenter that has taken to bashing Jenn since the Favre news broke on Deadspin. The ugly women and the jealous men whom she would never date. (You know who you are.)

And, even if that wasn't his intention, it works.

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  1. The way Carton was gunning her on the Favre stuff he came off as a major jackass... or a HUGE Farve fan-boy.


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