Should Hitters be Banned from Bunting After 13-Year-Old Dies?

Bunting has always been a big part of baseball. This week its effects have ranged from Baylor freshman catcher Clare Hosack pulling back on a bunt attempt before fouling the pitch off her face, breaking 4 facial bones and requiring stitches to Atlanta Braves center fielder Jordan Schafer breaking his nose. But now a 13-year-old Arizona little leaguer, Hayden Walton, has died after a ball hit him in the chest following a bunt attempt:

"He took an inside pitch right in the chest," Jamey Jones, a Winslow Little League official, said. "After that he took two steps to first base and collapsed."

He died the next morning at a local hospital.

The boy's parents, who were at the game, are heartbroken, shocked and unable to speak to members of the media, league president and family spokesman Dale Thomas said.
If they're not going to ban bunting in little league - when, at least, are chest protectors going to become mandatory?

At least one day too late for this Phoenix community.

*Update, when are we going to ban fan stand blocking?

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