Women Downing Horse Cum Shots at New Zealand Festival

Central Wellington's Green Man Pub, as part of the 14th annual Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge, is serving up...Hoihoi tatea. Hello, hello - that is horse semen shots:

While assertions have been made about the possible health benefits of drinking semen due to the possibility of boosted testosterone levels due to the DHEA hormone, Green Man co-owner Steve Drummond has not had any repeat customers for the drink.

"I don't think anyone's had a particular taste for it . . . no one's addicted to it, lets put it that way," he said.

Food Standards Manager Judy Barker said the horse semen was not pose any health issues.

"MAF's interest is in the safety and suitability of food. Provided the product is sourced under the regulated system, it appears this practice poses no concerns."

No, horses aren't ever pumped up with tons of antibiotics and steroids. This is completely safe. In a related story, the Blitz is still seeking a horse masturbator.

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