Derek Jeter May have Needed the All-Star Break to Sign his Balls

For the low, low price of only $699.99, Steiner sports will sell you a Derek Jeter Autographed 3,000th Hit Rawlings "DJ3K" Logo Baseball (MLB Auth). Note the disclaimer, "PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PRE ORDER, THESE ITEMS WIL [sic] BE SIGNED WITHIN A FEW DAYS OF JETER RECORDING HIS 3000TH HIT."

How, oh how would he have managed without the All-Star skip?

Especially when he's also peddling:

Derek Jeter replica 3000th Hit Bat - Autographed for $999.99

Derek Jeter Autographed 3000th hit photo (due August 4th) 8x10 Photograph - $749.99

Derek Jeter Framed 14x18 Dirt Collage 'Road To 3000' Floating Dirt seems like a steal for only $179.99

And what fan collection wouldn't be complete without a game worn Jeter Jersey (date is random) for only...$15,000?
Debate today is whether or not Christian C-Lo Lopez 'did the right thing' by giving DJ the 3000th ball. The real question? Has Derek Jeter done the right thing by simply taking it? Guess, given the marketing list above, that's Jeter.

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