World Cup Women Topped our Month's Hottest

We don't normally break this kind of thing down but today we analyzed who you little animals were turning to the Blitz to check out over the past 30 days. Not surprisingly, the World Cup dominated our top-10 babes with 30% having some kind of soccer relation.

10) Kelli Reichel

09) Larissa Riquelme

08) Marija Karan

07) Leila Shennib

06) Dylan Ryder

05) Jenn Sterger

04) Petra Ecclestone

03) Jessa Hinton

02) Irina Grandez

01) Alex Morgan

Interestingly, Alex Morgan received 20x the hits that Kelli Reichel did. We like both, however...Kelli gets the Blitz stamp of approval.

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