Boomer Esiason (@7BOOMERESIASON) on Twitter

Boomer Esiason has joined his partner Craig Carton on Twitter as @7BOOMERESIASON. He's already shared some good insider info with his followers:

Craigy @cc660 killing the Giants this morning. The sky is falling Giant fans.

That's some good info right there. We've set the Over/under for exclamation points used at 7 per day.

**Updated, photo above now in the form of a cake for the B&C anniversary....

Photo by Matt Funtime.

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  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    through the years we have known the same friends in Cincinnati. I am your age. I know that your wife did not, say, "wear the pants in the family". I need not elaborate. but I am a mother and know how special a childbirth can be. it is magical and spiritual. the moment is surreal. you are captivated by the miracle itself. What baseball team? nothing compares. nothing. Life can wait.


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