SMU's McJunkin Showed Aggie Hunter Some McLovin [Video]

College Station, Texas - The Texas A&M Aggies crushed the SMU Mustangs 46-14 on Sunday...but it was SMU senior center Blake McJunkin's protection that were interested in. No, not the protection of his QB...his protection of Aggies senior defensive back Trent Hunter.

Hunter intercepted a pass and had his helmet knocked off when he was tackled by McJunkin & senior offensive lineman Kelly Turner. Just watch.

Britton Lynn (who we promised would be a star...) writes that McJunkin never mentioned the move to anyone:

One of the most interesting parts of the whole story for people that don’t personally know McJunkin is that he didn’t speak a word of his selfless act to anyone. McJunkin’s father, Kirk McJunkin, a former Texas guard and Pittsburgh Steeler, said even after spending the rest of the night with his son and driving back to Dallas with him on Monday, Blake didn’t mention anything about the play.

“On Tuesday morning, someone sent me a link to the play and told me to watch it,” McJunkin’s father said. “By then Texas A&M’s students and blogs were all talking about it, which means that Blake never told a word to me about it until I brought it up. He was pretty humble about it. Honestly, it makes me extremely proud because you raise your kids hoping they do they right thing. We tell him, ‘Character doesn’t recognize skin and jersey color.’ And we tell him to compete hard with a desire to win, but to keep it all in perspective. It is evidence that someone young can be an example for all. It is encouraging.”

"My helmet popped off and I really didn't know what had happened," Hunter said. "When I was watching the video later, I saw that (McJunkin) was protecting my head from any other hit. I really appreciate that gesture - it's what sportsmanship is all about."

Hunter tweeted his appreciation: "S/O to SMU starting center Blake McJunkin for looking out for me when my helmet came off during the game. Your a class act bro. Thanks!"

Learn. Stay Classy®.

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