Tweens Riot After Principal Bans Balls at Canadian School

“We want our balls back! We want our balls back!” 100 Earl Beatty Public School elementary shouted recently as they rioted over principal Alicia Fernandez' school wide ban on balls. "Kids were coming in complaining of injury, or being scared," she said after a parent suffered a concussion from being hit in the head with a soccer ball.

"I feel confident that the right balance will be found and that we will see a community conversation happen with the principal, with the board and with parents at that school," Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten said, giving Fernandez' ball ban a stiff vote of confidence.

But many parents and students find the ban on balls hard to swallow.

“You can take our balls,” one boy shouted, “but you can’t take our freedom!”

The new rules only allow Nerf or 'sponge balls.' “They’re indoor balls,” said 13-year-old Annabelle Grant, adding: “If we don’t have balls we won’t be as active.”

A “bring back our balls” petition has been circulated by the shafted students.

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