How are you in Sports Broadcasting?

Want to get into sports announcing or studio work? Yeah. Yeah. You make good comments. But they tend to give those jobs to ex-ballplayers and people that are, you know, in broadcasting. And not everyone can be Marv Albert or Sam Rosen. (Think Bill Walton)

The Blitz went to the experts -- The Knicks Blog, Sports Media Watchdog, The Sports Hernia, Thunder Treats, Matthew Funtime and the Last Angry Fan -- with a question. "Who has the worst sounding voice in sports media?" Their answers show a discernible East Coast bias.

The Blitz 2011 list of the worst sounding sports media personalities is as follows:

Eric Mangini
Chris Carlin
Mike Mayock
Kim Jones
Bill Plaschke
Mike Golic
Lou Holtz
John Sterling
Anita Marks
Erin Andrews
Craig Carton
Shannon Sharpe
Chris Berman
Cris Collinsworth
Suzyn Waldman
Charles Barkley
Gus Johnson
Tony Siragusa
Michael Strahan
Mike Lupica
Bob Raissman
Mike Patrick
Joe Buck
Doris Burke
Stephen A. Smith
Ralph Kiner
Skip Bayless
Wayne Hagin
Jon Gruden
Ray Lucas
Julie Foudy
Norman Chad
Rick Reilly
Chris Broussard
Kevin Harlin
Mike Crispino
Woody Paige
Joe Theismann

We threw it out to Twitter and you added a few more:

Pam Ward
Bill Maas
Steve Somers
Dick Vitale

And now, after some tallying, we open up to a vote. Who has the worst voice in sports media? Spot for write-ins included.

Poll closes as the ball drops.

*Update, Waldman is your runaway winner. Followed by Shannon Sharpe, Chris Berman, Kim Jones and Mike Mayock, respectively. Those receiving your 'other' votes included:

Pam Ward, Craig Carton, Joe Buck, Craig James, Cris Collinsworth, Bill Simmons, Anita Marks, John Sterling, Chris Broussard, Stephen A. Smith, Mike Francesa and Mike Lupica.

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