Rutgers' LB Khaseem Greene Snaps Ankle in Pinstripe Bowl [Video]

Rutgers' LB Khaseem Greene rolled his ankle in the Pinstripe Bowl yesterday, possibly due to Yankee Stadium turf not allowing the linebacker to plant properly. Greene said afterwards his foot “kind of stuck in the grass the wrong way.”

"The medical people think he is going to be OK," head coach Greg Schiano said in his postgame press conference. "Its going to take a little while to heal, but one of the things we wanted to do with Khaseem this Spring anyway was kinda cut back on what he was going to do in Spring football and all that. So, we will have a chance to develop in that areas and how ever long the healing process takes it takes."

**Updated, flash forward to 2012. Greene is healed and leading Rutgets in tackles.

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