Dr. Jacob Rosenstein from the Ageless Male commercials? In better shape than his sons for more reasons than one...

Dr. Jacob Rosenstein is a Certified Neurosurgeon in Arlington, Texas. If you've seen the commercials for Ageless Male, you've seen him telling you how amazing you'll feel and how he's in better shape than his 26 and 24 year-old sons (why not just give them some Ageless Male pills?) Perhaps the ONE peer reviewed, published study on the ingredients?

*Update - Ageless Male made their own commercial's video 'private' on YouTube. Wonder why...A new copy follows.

Well, about three years ago, the good doc was telling folks how the benefits of Cenegenics was the reason his 21 and 23 year-old boys had trouble keeping up with him. The preliminary day long evaluation including laboratory work at a Cenegenics facility costs $4,000. Follow up care may include testosterone and human growth hormone shots, tons of supplements, and even human chorionic gonadotropin, or H.C.G. (think Manny Ramirez). At a possible annual cost of $10,000 per year according to the NY Times.

Wonder which one is giving the best results.

**UPDATE New Vitality NAC Marketing (same company behind Joe Theismann's prostate crap) has canned the doc and pulled the video (above). Now, Dr. Clair!

**Update #2: Dr. Rosenstein now hawks hormone replacement therapy at his Southwest Age Intervention Institute.

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  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    What Dr. Rosenstein is referring to in the commercial are the health benefits of maintaining healthy testosterone levels in men as they age. Whether you maintain these levels with a product like Ageless Male or a program like Cenegenics, healthy levels of testosterone will help reverse many of the signs and symptoms of andropause (male menopause).

  2. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Lot easier to maintain healthy levels with a program like Cenegenics and prescriptions than it is with non proven nonsense. Running the same basic endorsement ofr both is comical.

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    that guy completely creeps me out. Especially the line about his sons....it's just gross lol

  4. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Creeps me out too. Has that HGH look to him.

  5. When he speaks the configuration of his lips looks strange. As he forms his words his speech appears more labored than natural. Looks to me like collagen in the lips.

  6. Anonymous1:19 PM

    melroseboy2 is right.

  7. Anonymous6:03 AM

    All I know is this guy looks creepy:.. I want to see what his "sons" look like cause if ageless makes you look like a creepy tweeker I'd much rather date his out of shape sons... If were talking last men on earth of course...

  8. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I completely agree! This guy is creepy and with him representing both companies, I would not be trusting of either products as being legit. He even uses the same photo of himself for both endorsements! Common, at least take a new one.

  9. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Since when is a neurologist an expert on endocrinology? He's an embarassment to the medical profession and the Hippocratic Oath. "And do no harm..." my ass!!

  10. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Ageless Male added the following quote to their website: "When I added Ageless Male to my strength training, I recorded a boost in my free testosterone levels," says Dr. Rosenstein. "I believe it also helped increase my muscle mass! I like that Ageless Male offers men a safe,
    natural and effective way to be the best they can be."

    So the first comment above is a complete joke.

  11. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Dr. Rosenstein looks really creepy. It looks like his head is on a younger body. Also there is another physician (Dr. Life?) He is 72 years old and looks creepy as well. He is advertising Cenegenics

  12. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Snake oil salesmen!!! Yes, you can look like that but, at what cost? Maybe these guys are of the opinion that they are not going to live long enough to have any bad, long-term effects from what they are taking. I am 58 and finally made the decision to live healthier. I've dropped over 40 pounds and I am eating healthier (translate: "less"). People comment I look good. The major point is, I FEEL better. I did this all on my own with NO snake oil, supplements, drugs, etc. You have to make up your MIND to do the right thing. That is the source of everything. Buying crap and listening to "experts" and spending money is just a way around doing what you KNOW you need to do. Just my two cents.

  13. Anonymous10:30 PM

    A sure fire way to get prostate cancer, take hormones

  14. A good friend of mine worked for Dr. R for years. I've also met met him. He really is in grea shape. It's not just the stuff he sells though. He exercises religiously and is really careful about what he eats. Ageless male is only part of the equation. He's also an excellent neurosurgeon.

    1. Sure, that's why he switched from pushing Cenegenics to Ageless Male. He's a fraud.

  15. Anonymous4:31 AM

    is the doctor still alive? I was told someone shot him/

  16. Dr Rosenstein knows exactly what he is doing and is very good at it. Funny to listen to all you know it alls who dont know anything about the subject. Like jealous school children. He looks creepy? guess you dont know ehat a healthy msture male should look like. Dr R has done 3 spinal fusions on my wrecked spine and got me up and hoing again. He is in the top 4 nationwide as a neurosurgeon.
    And as far as the comment about a sure fire way to prostate cancer ,,,, do your research. Testosterone protects the prostate. Who gets P cancer? Older guys with low testostetone get prostate cancer. research shows that bio identical tesyostetone ptotects against cancer.


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