Dr. Jacob Rosenstein from the Ageless Male commercials? In better shape than his sons for more reasons than one...

Dr. Jacob Rosenstein is a Certified Neurosurgeon in Arlington, Texas. If you've seen the commercials for Ageless Male, you've seen him telling you how amazing you'll feel and how he's in better shape than his 26 and 24 year-old sons (why not just give them some Ageless Male pills?) Perhaps the ONE peer reviewed, published study on the ingredients?

*Update - Ageless Male made their own commercial's video 'private' on YouTube. Wonder why...A new copy follows.

Well, about three years ago, the good doc was telling folks how the benefits of Cenegenics was the reason his 21 and 23 year-old boys had trouble keeping up with him. The preliminary day long evaluation including laboratory work at a Cenegenics facility costs $4,000. Follow up care may include testosterone and human growth hormone shots, tons of supplements, and even human chorionic gonadotropin, or H.C.G. (think Manny Ramirez). At a possible annual cost of $10,000 per year according to the NY Times.

Wonder which one is giving the best results.

**UPDATE New Vitality NAC Marketing (same company behind Joe Theismann's prostate crap) has canned the doc and pulled the video (above). Now, Dr. Clair!

**Update #2: Dr. Rosenstein now hawks hormone replacement therapy at his Southwest Age Intervention Institute.

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