WFAN ratings down in March; ESPN can't capitalize

New York, NY -- WFAN's surprising drop in the Arbitron ratings last month has been followed up with yet another move downward for 'The Sports Leader.' Without the strong ratings of the morning's Boomer & Carton show, WFAN would not have placed 5th overall in local radio ad revenues for 2011 with $40.5 million. (Pay attention to the types of ads that air in the wee early hours vs as the day wears on. It is stunning.)

WFAN dropped another 10% -- down to a 2.7 rating, 1.3 million share in March (they were at 3.0, 1.4 million in February). But WEPN 1050 couldn't capitalize on Mike Francesa's continued sluggishness -- the ESPN flagship dipped to a 1.2 rating (from 1.4) with a cume of 959k (down from 999k). Perhaps that long awaited FM signal will be here sooner rather than later.

March is consistently a low NY sports radio month. (Photo compilation via MF Photography)

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  2. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Francesa has become unlistenable. His lies don't work anymore because of Phil Mushinck, the Blitz and the internet in general. His uhhs take up 40% of the show, his repeating himself 30% more. Take the hint Mike and exit now.

  3. But do they count us in CT who listen to wfan, it comes in loud and clear hear and I have been listing to Mike for 11 years now.


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