Howard Stern's wife Beth has been posing all naked for him

The NY Post spilled the beans that Beth Ostrosky is going to be covering Social Life (the premier luxury publication for the Hamptons) and that she's hosting an HGTV show called Mom Caves which, apparently, already launched.

As for the AGT taping that now occurs in NYC:

“I can attend all of Howard’s live ‘AGT’ shows this summer in New York,” Beth says. In the Hamptons, “We wake up together early . . . walk the dog, read the papers, meditate together (we practice transcendental meditation), run or ride our bikes together. Lunch. Beach walk. Cocktails at 6 p.m., then dinner at 7. Usually back to bed at 8! We like routine!”

"Howard helps me pick out my outfits. But he always likes short and tight -- I like to wear things a little more classy, so I end up having to find a happy medium," Beth once said.

Expect the credit to read something like "Photo by Howard Stern for Social Life Magazine." And that he's found his happy medium.

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