Batman Shooter Allegedly Bragged, was Egged on by the Website [Updated]

A gunman wearing a gas mask, identified by federal officials as 24-year-old James Holmes (left), opened fire during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Denver today at the Century 16 cinema complex.

Holmes allegedly carried two pistols, a rifle, and a shotgun.

50 patrons were injured and at least 12 are dead after the attack in Aurora. Video of patrons trying to get out has been released.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said, "Holmes' apartment building in north Aurora was booby-trapped and police officers were trying to determine how to defuse it."

Take this report for what it is worth, it is picking up steam:
The gunman apparently bragged about his plans on the social media website "users of the website are saying that the person or persons running the website egged him on."
Someone email us the 9gag thread/cache before we're believing it. The only thing we have is the screen shot below. SShots can easily be faked and that is what we'd conclude here. All attempts at search turn up: "No results found for 'TDKR SACRIFICE'."

The pic also indicates a number of tweets for the so called original image. No tweets via 9gag for "TDKR SACRIFICE" have been unearthed...and the picture shows at least 36 went out if this were in fact authentic. No way all 36 could have been retracted.

**Update - Not one of the supposed screen shots from the comments below can be found in link form. And one of the users that has a post attributed to them in the pics in no way had any even remotely ridiculous posts on 9gag prior to the Dark Knight themed one.

As to the claim: "A few weeks ago, a man by the username of 'JamesHolmes154' posted a thread on 9gag saying he was going to 'shoot up' a theater. He was clearly distressed and admitted he was suffering from PTSD. He said he was going to walk in and try to take as much lifes as possible. The whole 9gag community egged him on and give him tips on what to wear, etc. They give him tips on sharp-shooting and sent him messages on how to take as much lifes as possible. 9gag is a sick site and needs to be destroyed."

User 'JamesHolmes154' is nowhere to be found until this morning. If 'The whole 9gag community egged him on and give him tips' -- you're going to have traces everywhere and there are none.

Not buying this.

Thx to anonymous, proof of a fake. Note the Thanks to animal in the WE DID IT!! photo above. That post is right here on 9GAG. Using the back button while on the site you wind up on what was myjas' actual post -- LOL I'm the Avatar. (And for further conspiracy theorists who might claim 9gag 'cleaned house?' LOL Factory had the original archived already.)

Further up at TDKR SACRIFICE, the post is attributed to 9gagFTW but they tagged it as 9gagftw (no caps) and in pink (user's real account is blue, a male sign up).

Nice work commenters.

9gag's statement: "The Colorado ‘Dark Knight’ shooting is a devastating tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. When we initially heard the rumor that one of our users may have been involved, we did an immediate and thorough search of the site and found absolutely zero evidence that any of the alleged posts ever appeared on 9GAG. Any reports otherwise are completely untrue and we ask your help in putting this incredibly insensitive hoax to rest. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and, as the investigation continues, we will certainly help in any way we can."

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  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    show me the 9gag post, I want to see it to believe it

  2. Anonymous8:50 AM

  3. Anonymous8:53 AM

  4. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Easily shopped image, just for context to 9gag its in their culture to try and claim responsibility for everything that happens. I know for a fact the website hacking began on /v/ 2 days and 9gag also tried to claim credit for that. They're simply trying to gain notoriety for something they didn't do once again.

  5. Anonymous9:03 AM

  6. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Good job on your open minded report on this. The linked to source is way two quick to call it a fact while you guys investigate and present the facts or lack of facts. Sad and hope no link is ever found.

  7. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Anonymous said...

    This is definitely fake, Mjays only has 1 picture with that many :)'s and its from 1 day ago, also that same picture by tickbrowser was posted 1 day ago.

    You sir are a dick/asshole, and need to learn how the internetz work. Kthx

  8. Anyone here old enough to remember the 80s? Before the 'tea party' and Obama and 'homegrown Islamic terrorists'? This type of crime has been committed before, remember that white guy who stormed a McDonalds and blew about 35 people away?? Back then, we were able to say 'crazy criminal' without blaming all American citizens, politics, religions, and race. Crime was crime. NO ONE said 'that guy who rampaged the McDonalds was probably an atheist racist communist right winger!!' He was just...bad...we need to get back to that. BAd is just bad, wrong is just wrong.

  9. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Rahul is right people. Sick is just sick and that is what you have here. Twice because I agree with Blitz that the screen shots are probably fake and the rumor is made up. And that is sick as well.

  10. Anonymous11:13 AM

    being the one that disproved the image

    i would also like to take this moment to disprove the other to show this had nothing to do with 9gag

    The poster claims to be

    a) the capitals are off, in the picture its 9GAGftw, and the text is blue, signaling a male - That ones a female (pink letters)

    - This ones easily debatable, but still to be taken into account

    b) all websites work on a unique tag system, therefore because the 9gagFTW has been on 9gag for over 2 months, and is still available and used. its impossible for a user to use that name

  11. Anonymous11:50 AM

    The 9gag post is fake, or at least this one is:

    Here is the link to the "animal research" photo pictured right below the "myjas" video:

    If you use the arrows at the top right of the page to scroll back, you can see the original "myjas" post, and the post before that also matches the post in the fake picture.

  12. Anonymous11:57 AM

    What we saw here is that fans of Nolan's Batman are pussies. Had this happened at the premiere of say, Expendables 2, I guess half of the crowd would stood up to this guy and took him out...

  13. Anonymous12:50 PM

    haha such a fake photo....

  14. Anonymous1:01 PM


  15. Anonymous1:14 PM

    THe myjas screenshot shows that the site is in Portuguese Language (25 minutos atrás) but the language change button shows it is still in english.

  16. Anonymous1:38 PM

    That's such a lie¡ I'm a 9gagger and last night I couldn´t sleep due to a headache, so I was browsing and I remember perfectly the "animal research" post and there was NO folloing VIDEO what so ever, I don't know what's the porpose of this stupid photoshopped picture, is just ridiculous.
    FYI: There's almost no video been posted in 9gag, that's why I remember so well

  17. That last pic is 100% fake
    It says that it has alot of thumbs up, (so it has to be on "what's hot " ) and it was posted by "myjas" And the post is under the post "Now you have nothing to be afraid of" (pink) And above "thanks to animal research..." (Black and White)
    But . the real post, wich is indeed by "myjas" , but what he posted is a normal post named "LOL I'm the Avatar"

    Here is a screenshot.

  18. Anonymous3:13 PM

    The power of the internet. You guys run an investigation quicker than the authorities.

  19. i think this might all be part of the entire false flag event... think about it. every facet of this story leans towards the final conclusion of the UN Gun Treaty happening in 2 weeks... not only does it support that, including having military injured in the victims, it being so close to columbine, and so much more, but now these fake photos come out about it being linked to 9gag, saying they egged him on and told him how to do it... that sounds like the perfect excuse for internet security lockdown, supporting the ideals of CISPA, SOPA, and all the other internet security bills out there... this could all be part of the false flag propaganda being pushed to pass the elites' agendas, and to demonize those they are against.... perfect problem, action, solution... hegalian dialectic. this whole 9gag part of the story seems extremely suspicious to me....

  20. Isn´t that strange that the two posts have the same number of Facebook shares and tweets?? Idk, just sayin...

    and I'm sure that wasn't in the HOT page, so it was to be in "Trending"... Isn't that strange that the link on the top is "" instead of ""... idk, just sayin...

  21. More good points. THX LC.


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