WEPN Falls Further Behind WFAN in June Despite that Big Ole FM Signal

Michael Kay doesn't have AM to blame given WEPN's ESPN 98.7 FM signal, yet with folks in and out at WFAN during June -- ESPN's flagship NY radio station faltered yet again. (Photo composite via Matthew Funtime.)

WRKS KISS ended its urban run with 4.0 arbitron rating, 1,970,300 cume in April. ESPN dragged that to a 1.8 rating in May, with a cume of 1,382,100. June? A terrible 1.6, 1,295,600.

Meanwhile, WFAN did quite fine in June leading up to it's 25th anniversary July 1st celebration. 660 achieved a 3.3 arbitron rating in June with a cume of 1,682,100 -- up from May's 3.2 rating (with a cume of 1,605,100).

Let's turn the blame to the heat next over at ESPN.

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