If no One Hears the Announcement Does Joe Giglio Still Win this year's WFAN Fantasy Phenom Contest?

Joe Giglio from Howell, NJ is this year’s WFAN Fantasy Phenom winner. Mike Francesa called into Joe & Evan (filling in for him) yesterday to make the announcement.

Earlier in the show, Evan Roberts kissed Mikey's arse after Mikey complained about J&E complaining about all his vacation time. Bob Raissman writes: "Again showing why he is everyone’s Mr. Warmth, Francesa found a unique way of thanking Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts for filling in while he was on his annual Pope Summer Windbag Tour — he trashed them. “I know they (Benigno/Roberts) bellyache a lot. Two guys having to work 5 1 ⁄ 2 hours. I know that’s a strain,” His Excellency said in a Tuesday sermon. “There’s a lot of people who would trade places with them if they continue bellyaching about their jobs.” Is that a threat? There was some humor in the Bayless/Jeter thing. It happened Thursday when Craig Cartoon, attempting to deliver a stern WFAN lecture, took issue with Bayless’ ethics and lack of accountability. This was a rare occassion when Cartoon was actually funny. A real pot calling the kettle black moment."

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