Jets Confidential and Sirius XM Radio's Dan Leberfeld Releases his side of the Bart Scott Fiasco

Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential has his story up and out on the photo-to-altercation with NY Jets linebacker Bart Scott.

Bart Scott got mad at me for taking his photo while he was talking to ESPN New York’s Jane McManus.

I also took his photo talking to another reporter on Wednesday.

I took these shots for a story I’m doing on Scott not talking to the media. The angle of the photos – reporters trying to convince him to end his boycott. I also have a shot of him negotiating with Brian Costello, but I won’t use it because Bart had his shirt off.

I did nothing wrong....reporters and photographers have a job to do.

And then Newsday's Neil Best decided today was a good day to let everyone know that Scott had 'cursed at' Dan over the Wednesday shot.

That's some top notch delayed reporting Neil.

Let's face it -- regardless of the details that may or may not follow from other reporters with information from days ago - the Madbacker is a clown who has been waiting for 2 years to hit something other than Darrelle Revis.

Dan further explained himself on the Mike Francesa show.

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