Bart Scott wants at Least $100k from Craig Carton to Consider any Dodgeball Challenge

WFAN update guy and one day per week Jets reporter Chris Lopresti was tasked with serving NY Jets linebacker Bart Scott with Craig Carton's $50k dodgeball challenge. “Enough is enough with Bart Scott,” Carton said. “Memo to Bart Scott: I will put together a Boomer & Carton Jet fan dodgeball team, and let you bring any group of active NFL players. And if you want to put your money where your mouth is, I will put $50,000 — sponsored by someone other than me, of course — on the table for a best-of-five dodgeball situation.

“I’ll find 11 Jets fans. You can find 11 professional football players, and put your money where your mouth is. I will get a sponsor to put $50,000 up for the charity of your choice. Put up 50 grand and we’ve got ourselves a dodgeball game! You want to play Jets fans in dodgeball? Bring it son, cause we’re ready to go!”

Scott's response? Come up with $100k jerky. Lopresti tweets: He (Scott) could be up for it but only if it's for $100,000 and both charities benefit. Got it? Scott wants Carton to put up $100k (of which $50k would be handed directly to Scott).

Carton decided to tease it: (And Lopresti deleted the above tweet only to replace it with the same story tease.):

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