Jets WFAN reporter 'dropped the ball,' didn't cover Woody Johnson presser: Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa on Woody Johnson's press conference, er, meet with reporters, um, that WFAN dropped the ball on by not having their Jets, uh, reporter at.

Peter Schwartz, the WFAN reporter writes:

Hey I just wanted to touch base with you about what happened with Jets practice yesterday and your post about Mike saying we didn't have anybody there. Just so you know, yesterday was a scheduled day off for me and my backup Chris LoPresti was there. Apparently, Mike did come back a few minutes later and made a correction that we did have someone there.

I'm only writing to you because the way you posted the story, it looked like I wasn't doing my job when in fact it was a scheduled day off for me. I would appreciate if you could find the audio of Mike correcting what had happened and explain the situation.

We would hope that the Francesa lingo above adequately indicated that Mike thought WFAN dropped the ball and not any reporter specifically. Believe us - covering either football team for 660 is not an easy thing to do.....(and no, we won't be able to find the tape of Mike correcting what happened -- seems readers who record the show have 'lost the tapes.')

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