Lady told to remove middle finger Xmas lights may replace it with a swastika

Thank God for the ACLU. “The First Amendment expressly, explicitly, makes clear that even things like the raised middle finger are protected speech,” says Executive Director Marjorie Esman. Esman says so because Sarah Henderson of Denham Springs Louisiana was told to remove her classy flipping the bird 'Christmas' lights (above) after neighbors complained.

Henderson claims the finger is in response to a dispute she's having with a neighbor. And? "She said she has thought about replacing the extended finger with a swastika."

Now picture this swastika lusting 'lady' before clicking. Yep, that's right. And say a little prayer that the ACLU has the funds to help because if she's not allowed to wave the swastika, what has the 1st Amendment become but a distant memory?

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