Tiki Barber now apparently pimping himself for $1,950

UrbanDaddy Enterprises is a lifestyle media company, focused on the intersection between hyper-relevant content and digital innovation. And, apparently, renting Tiki Barber out:

You’re getting Tiki Barber—the NY Giants all-time leading rusher and owner of one of the greatest names in the history of names—for your next game of flag football. Or basketball. Or kickball. Or pretty much whatever sport/gentlemanly activity you can think of. Because having a three-time Pro Bowl-er on your team definitely qualifies as a Perk.

Read more, including the fine print: "Any trash-talking done to Mr. Barber must be done with full and willing consent to receive a thorough verbal thrashing from Mr. Barber himself."

No word if the thrashing will come while his agent is listening in or not.

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