Clemson University Tigers Don't Like Turtles

The Great Santini, Lt. Col. 'Bull' Meechum's wife told him, "It takes a mighty brave man to run over turtles." And now? Clemson University student Nathan Weaver's research has proven her right. A big portion of Clemson, SC douchejuices, given the opportunity, will run over a turtle trying to cross the road.

Nathan placed a realistic looking toy turtle on a street near the "vibrant, student-centered community that thrives on leadership, collaboration, public service, relevant research and a winning spirit" and watched. In one hour's time -- 7 drivers swerved to run over the animal. A bunch of winning spirits tried to hit it but missed.

"I've heard of people and from friends who knew people that ran over turtles. But to see it out here like this was a bit shocking," said Weaver, a 22-year-old senior in Clemson's School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences.

"They seem so helpless and cute," said Weaver's professor, Rob Baldwin. "I want to stop and help them. My kids want to stop and help them. My wife will stop and help turtles no matter how much traffic there is on the road. I can't understand the idea why you would swerve to hit something so helpless as a turtle."

Because professor, Clemson University offers countless opportunities for students.

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