Mike Francesa has an entirely different view [now] of who's in the NFL playoffs at a given time during the season

The fine chaps at TheMikeFrancesa and WFANAudio have compiled a bit of audio from Mike Francesa. Mike debates 'Anthony' on the Peyton Manning v Andrian Peterson MVP debate. Mike throws in the 'What is a more important position, RB v QB?' deflection and then hangs up on the caller with a slovenly You're Gone, learn what you're talking about because the caller, correctly, stated that the Vikings were in the playoffs as of that time.

Francesa returned after a break to interject his view of what it means to be in the playoffs 'if the season ended today.' You see, it doesn't matter who is actually in at that time to Mike - he's right no matter how wrong he is. Since the Giants controlled their 'future destiny' -- they were actually in the 6th spot to Francesa. No..really.

So in Mike's world if the Yankees were a half game behind the Blue Jays but Toronto was finished for the season and NY had a double header today - the Yanks are actually in first place. Wrap your brain around that Tony.

Later he adopted the QBR as the be all and end all. Becoming the first non NFL announcer to do so.

Warning: This is tough to listen to.

The Broncos were 8-8 last year. The Vikings were 3-13. The Broncs were 18-1 to win the Super Bowl at the season's beginning. Vikes, 100-1.

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