What Dafuq? Boomer Esiason's 'Toss'

Who knew that Boomer Esiason "delivered a sharp, edgy, insiders look at the game and the business of pro football" back in 1997 titled 'Toss'? The description is even more shocking:

New York Stars, the rookie quarterback figures the world is his oyster. Reality sets in after meeting his football "family" -- the all-too benevolent owner, Papa Goldman; his daughter, the Stars' Director of Communications, Dominique, who has a certain fondness for quarterbacks; a frustrated head coach; a team full of malcontents and racial tensions; and a very shady Director of Player Personnel.

But all of his concerns become secondary when an ex-Stars quarterback is murdered, and Brody finds himself hustling just to stay alive, while confronting the scars of his own past. With a little luck, smarts, and help from a beautiful aspiring actress, this is one time he can't drop the ball. Someone seems intent on sabotaging the Stars, and perhaps the future of entire football league is at stake.

Worse? The running time is 11 hours and 36 minutes and, ironically, was published by 'Brilliance Audio.'

Here's 5 minutes of a white chick taking it on her back:

Dafuq we just listen to?

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