Duke's Mason Plumlee wants DOTY consideration for this insane reverse follow-up jam

#1 Duke’s 90-63 loss at Miami on Wednesday night was the third-worst in history for a team ranked No. 1 in The Associated Press poll and the worst anyone has seen in 45 years. Early today, Maryland's Alex Len's crazy reverse slam gave the Terrapins some hope. However, some 25 minutes later, Blue Devils up 20 -- Mason Plumlee submitted his ballot for dunk of the year consideration with this reverse follow-up dunk.

Duke rebounds from their rough road loss by crushing Maryland, 84-64. And? If you watch the video above closely...they cut it off right as the ref call a technical.

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  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    What?!? How was that a technical? I could see calling a reverse dunk on some break away trying to show up the other team... but that ball was on the far side of the hoop and almost out of reach of Plumlee as he rose for rebound. The reverse was the only way to complete the put back dunk!

    Hmph. For ALL those Duke haters who assert Duke gets all the calls... 'splain this one!

  2. Anonymous11:37 AM

    And check out that massive walk Maryland Alex Lens did earlier on his reverse. Then Plumlee gets a "T" for this move? I'm not a Terps or Blue Devils fan...I am a fan of basketball. The refing crew in this game should be reprimanded. They were clearly doing what they could for Maryland.


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