Jenn Sterger has some advice for Katherine Webb

Before Brent Musburger fawned over Katherine Webb, he discovered Jenn Sterger. Difference here was that Ms. Webb was already known and Sterger was not. Brent may have pushed Katherine further but he made Jenn. Sterger has one piece of advice for Katherine:

“Katherine Webb has been handed an amazing opportunity, and I really hope she does the most with it,” she said. “And she’s handled it so far with such amazing grace and poise. And a hell of a lot more smarts than the 21-year-old me did, that’s for sure.” Adding, “I was just some random girl in the stands,” she said. “I wasn’t dating a football player. I just happened to have great seats.”

Oh, and don't get breast implants.

NY Times...Deceived by Her Looks

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