Lincoln-Way North's (IL) Denton Wallace hit the longest FTW buzzer beater of the week

Lincoln-Way North's (IL) Denton Wallace is no John Fox. Tied at 63 all against Amos Alonzo Stagg High School Friday night, 2 seconds on the clock, Wallace was stationed at the opposite end of-the-court's free throw line. Ryan Pellack inbounded the ball to him and he let the sorta set shot fly. Some say they heard him call 'bank.'

“Our sophomore year (Pellack) gave me the ball in almost the same situation,” Wallace said after the 66-63 victory. “I hit a game-winner that night, too.”

“Not that far,” Wallace added. “But same situation.”

Wallace finished with six three pointers and a team-high 20 points.

Here's another view.

[Blitz Buzzer Beaters]

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