Oh my -- Nettleton (AR) HS' Victor Dukes flew over an opponent for the dunk last night

The 66th Annual NEA Invitational High School Basketball Tournament has been taking place at The Convocation Center on the campus of Arkansas State University over the past few days. Last night, the Nettleton Raiders beat Manila 41-37 to win the Boys Div. II Championship. And during that game, Sophomore Victor Dukes flew.

Oh my indeed. Even better? Dukes' understated jog up the court. Nice. Because a kid with a jet pack in his back should be humble. Slo-mo:

Yep, better than Anthony "Nemo" Goode's.

*Update - here's the official game video.

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  1. Jesus3:47 PM


  2. Anonymous3:21 PM

    This better not be a fake that turns up in a stupid I have someone for you to meet commerical ina month.

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Dukes literally levitates on this dunk! How he keeps going up doesn't make any sense.

    That said, which dunk is more athletic in your opinion: Dukes or York



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