Rory McIlroy dumps everyone for Nike's $250 million dollars

Golf's #1 is now a quarter of a million dollars richer. Nike is set to announce Rory McIlroy (Monday in Abu Dhabi with a 'special guest) as the newest 10/yr, $250 million dollar body of the swoosh.

And that swoosh has to be worn head-to-toe so McIlroy was forced to dump his sponsor team to date.

Since he was a teenager McIlroy has had a portfolio of sponsors, including Jumeirah, Oakley and Titleist, but has been forced to jettison them all as Nike routinely requires its star clients to be dressed from head to toe in its signature 'swoosh’ logo.

Oakley is suing McIlroy and Nike for alleged breach of contract, claiming that the damage caused to its brand by the 23 year-old’s defection is “irreparable”.

And so it begins.

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