Terrell Suggs on Pats, Belichick: "Arrogant f*cks who haven't won since Spygate"

Baltimore LB Terrell Suggs pulled no punches following the Ravens win over the New England Patriots yesterday. He started with a classy post-game interview in which he said of the Pats: "These are the most arrogant fucks in the world, starting with Belichick on down. That’s funny, ever since Spygate they haven’t been able to win.”

The taunting got louder (and clearer) on the way into the dressing room as he wished the arrogant fucks good cheer at the Pro Bowl.

Deion Branch decided to call Suggs out on his behavior: “Champions carry themselves a little differently. I think if you go and talk to Ray [Lewis] it would be different. You’re hearing it from some other guys,” said Branch. “Those guys aren’t champions. That’s not the way a true champion talks, regardless of win or lose. It just don’t work that way. But, you know, congratulations to the Ravens.”

Know exactly what you're thinking. OK, that's fine for Suggs to say but...what exactly did Wes Welker's WAG Anna Burns feel about the loss?

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